Dr. David Moossazadeh


I am Dr. Moossazadeh and would like to welcome you to our practice. I am a board-certified family practitioner. I have received my bachelors in Neuroscience from UCLA, followed by my doctorate in osteopathic medicine from Western University; and have completed my residency at Mercy Redding Hospital. I believe that medicine is most powerful and effective when practiced in a whole person approach.

I keep on getting the same question from everyone, “you went through medical school and residency, didn’t sleep for hours, had to move multiple times, had to learn all these diseases and drugs and after all of that you are turning your back on all your training to practice alternative medicine?” And my answer of course is “No!” I didn’t turn my back on conventional medicine. I just chose to not skip the first step of any chronic disease management which involves the choices we make. There is nothing “alternative” about trying to better the way you live.

I always loved natural medicine. I remember my father making humidifiers with eucalyptus leafs whenever we had a cold. I was very disappointed that conventional training lacked training in topics like nutrition, stress management, exercise and botanical medicine. I now feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to practice what I love. To see people getting better, feeling stronger, and doing things they didn’t think they could, is extremely rewarding. I thank all of them for trusting me and letting me treat them!!

Dr. Moossazadeh