Intramuscular injections

The best way to resolve body's vitamin and mineral deficiency 


Chill & ZZZZ shot

A calming cocktail of a mineral, amino-acid and vitamin.

Contains: Magnesium, Glycine, and B12

must be bought in a package and prepaid

Energy shot

A cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, and mitochondria support to give a boost of energy. 
Contains: MIC, Carnitine, B Complex, B12, Co-q10

Pre-workout shot

L-Arginine increases blood flow throughout body and promotes growth hormone secretion.

Contains: MIC, B complex, B12, L-Arginine, Carnitine.

must be bought in a package and prepaid

Headache shot

A cocktail of headache relieving mineral, B vitamins and non-narcotic pain reliever. 
Contains: Magnesium, B complex, MIC and non-narcotic pain reliever